Saturday, April 09, 2011

Benny Hinn/Paula White updates

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, July 24, 2010]

I've created a post in case there are any updates on the Benny Hinn and Paul White rumour that Bene D reported on earlier today.

As Bene D reported, The Toronto Star was first off the mark about an hour ago, in writing a story alluding to the rumour. They are assuming the National Enquirer is right and their very careful story treats the matter in this way:

Reports this week suggest a still-married Benny Hinn is now romantically involved with Paula White, another television preacher with a colourful past..

It then goes onto reporting the background on the two evangelists. No sources are cited.

(The hotel in Italy details come from the National Enquirer.)

Speaking of The National Enquirer, the next, August 2, issue of the tabloid, will tag Hinn and White on the cover. a fellow on Twitter has taken a photograph of the story, which he has put on Twitter. Their online teaser may be correct, as they do have a picture of Hinn and White holding hands, which the paper captions as bering taken in Rome on July 13.

There is swedish talk about Benny Hinn on Twitter, but so far it seems to be talk about his crusade in that country, except for one tweeter who can apparently read English and tweeted about the affair in Swedish.

Hinn had better hope that the story broke too late for the English tabloid press. I assume they are working like crazy at this moment, and Sunday is their biggest day of the week.

UPDATE: (Saturday evening). The Toronto Star story is up in a new version that apparently adds no new information. No other periodicals are picking the story up yet...

Swedish news outlets are reporting on Benny Hinn, but not also on "Paula White", so the stories are probably about his ongoing crusade there.

Update: Benny Hinn statement on his relationship with Paula White

Of the about 10 bloggers that have picked up on this, one writes in Italian. This could be interesting...but he links to the TorStar story, so my guess is that he's not someone at the Rome hotel, say.