Saturday, April 09, 2011

Random House's lawyer: "[Marci] McDonald regrets her error..."

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on July 20, 2010]

Not to dogpile on Marci McDonald, but I feel that I should follow up on a post that I wrote about my former Report magazines colleague Terry O'Neill, and her.

You may remember that my old editor Terry O'Neill was quite dismayed at a factual error that Marci McDonald made in The Armageddon Factor, so much so that he retained a lawyer to pursue the matter.

Well, Terry has now heard back from William S. Adams, a Vice-President and Associate General Counsel for the parent company of Random House Canada, Random House Berlesmann, in New York City. Mr. Adams apologized in his letter, and corrections will be made to the online version.

"Ms. McDonald regrets her error, however indavertent, and apologizes to Mr. O'Neill for the mistake," writes the Random House lawyer.

Future pressings of The Armageddon Factor will be appropriately corrected.

Another friend of Terry's, Ezra Levant, has posted the full letter from the company to Terry's lawyer on his website.