Saturday, April 09, 2011

Todd Bentley on tour

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Sept. 21, 2010]

Those who remember my recent post, in which Rick Joyner said that Todd Bentley was free to minister wherever he wished, may be interested to know that Todd Bentley is following through with plans for a US tour.

A brief internet video released a few days ago mentions several cities that Bentley plans to minister in. I'm sure that you can get extra details from his website.

It's interesting that he plans to soldier on in the U.S., perhaps figuring that any damage that Lakeland may have done to his reputation can't be surpassed.

Also announced on Twitter recently--plans are in the works for a tour of Australia and News Zealand, perhaps in the spring.

What reception will Bentley get? I don't know. But the secular humour site Boing Boing has recently posted a video of Bentley healing someone. Judging by the derisive comments there, it may be difficult for the evangelist to "go over" with those who aren't already inclined to be receptive to Todd Bentley's message.