Saturday, April 09, 2011

Discovery Channel still entertaining the idea of a Todd Bentley TV show

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Sept. 8, 2010]

From Todd Bentley's Twitter feed a few days ago.

Tv show moving ahead. Vision casting with Discovery channel soon. Pray.

4:55 PM Aug 31st via Twitterrific
Todd Bentley

I am surpised that the Discovery Channel is still pursuing this, as they will be flamed by those who have problems with Bentley's past.

And, as I have noted before, if Discovery cameras catch Bentley being "bad", will it air? If it is carefully crafted, in the way of most "reality" shows, Discovery will bring foward some things and hide others, creating a misleading picture of Bentley.

And I'll bet dollars for doughnuts that there is no way that Todd Bentley will participate in this show without some sort of veto power over what goes on air.

Bentley says to "pray". For those worried about what will come to pass with this, that is an excellent idea.

UPDATE: Apparently, Todd needs all the publicity he can get, as he and Rick Joyner have had to resort to paying an Internet web service to get the word out about their upcoming conference.