Saturday, June 02, 2012

Australia banned me. Please send money

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on Jan 30 2012] Boy it costs a lot to be an evangelist. Just ask Todd Bentley. Earlier today, he sent an "urgent" e-mail asking his friends for financial support. In February, he plans to go to California and Haiti. What's central in Todd's mind is an upcoming trip to Australia, hopefully in June. We may remember that last week, he was refused entry into Australia, but if at first... He, or one of his assistants, writes:
....As most of you know, at this time our recent tour to Australia has been Postponed due to a visa application process. We have a great and continued opportunity in Australia. We are thankful for all the cooperating churches and leaders in Australia who are praying for our ministry. We hope to return to Australia as planned this June. We do anticipate a mighty outpouring!...
It would seem that my guess was right. Namely, that Australian immigration has ostensibly decided that he will be "working" on his trip to Australia and needs to apply for permission to work as a preacher temporarily in their country. The writer adds this a bit further on:
....Our last minute delay in our planned tour to Australia was a huge disappointment of course. It was also a huge financial set back for our ministry. Our immediate expenses just in Airfare and travel was over 10,000. We also lost out on the opportunity to fundraise for our Haiti mission and Ministry. God immediately came through with a huge financial miracle and we are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness. However we still are in need of some continued support for our Haiti Mission and ministry. The need is still $ 20,000......
Some observations. If Todd had been wise, he would have made inquiries about visas when the idea of going to Australia popped into his mind, thus saving the expenses that he incurred. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to fly anywhere, but it seems to me that $10,000 is a little high for a loss. Quantas is quoting, at this moment, roundtrip airfares of $938 from Canada to Australia. Perhaps it would even be cheaper from the US. Unless he is taking a team of 10-15 people with him, well, I don't know. And surely the airline wouldn't bill him the full cost of flights he didn't take. Also, the hotels would surely not bill him the full cost of rooms he never slept in. It is summer down under... It's interesting how he phrases the need too. Presumably, he had $10,000 in pocket to possibly cover his stated losses. But I wonder about his priorities. Why is Australia first to be cleared up. Well, as Haiti is a "needier" place, a mission there is easier to ask for money for. Australians seem to have a less urgent need than Haitians do, so it is easier to raise money to help the Haitians. But the Australians came first in his thinking, when he could have taken that $10,000 and written "Hey we only need $10.000 to go to Haiti as we already have half the amount we need." It's urgent, as there's only three weeks before Todd plans to go to Haiti. Why think this way? Well delaying the trip means that this happened: "We also lost out on the opportunity to fundraise for our Haiti mission and [sic] Ministry." Or rather, perhaps: Rats, I didn't get an opportunity to ask Australians for their money? Waaaahhh! Sad.