Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Cry becomes a "movement" to "go global"

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on Apr 14, 2012] The Cry, Faytene Grasseschi’s prayer event, is now a global movement..

The last Cry, which was held about a month ago in “Hollywood”, could prove to be the start of something big if the Canadian evangelist has her way..

The next Cry is set for somewhere in Toronto, Ontario, or the surrounding area, for July 28. It’s the first Cry under the auspices of The Cry Movement..

Bigger. Better. Boom!” Faytene tweeted on March 26, followed by this Facebook announcement shortly afterwards:.

Faytene Grasseschi Wednesday at 9:28pm • "We just started a new FB page and Twitter for TheCRYs going forward. It is called TheCRY Movement. We will be linking all info about upcoming CRYs there :). Whoot! Be the first to join. TheCRY Movement Twitter: TheCRYMovement FB Page: Let's do this thing!!".

“….Building this thing from the bottom up to go global!” she later tweeted..

The Cry Movement’s webpage is here and you may check it out on Facebook here..

But, what I quoted earlier seems to be it so far. Although there is a suggestion on Faytene’s revamped biography page that says:”TheCRY Movement - Prayer for entertainment media.” .

Some cautions, if I may..

Previous Cry events, mostly in Canada, have been a series of “one of” events. Faytene and those working with her, would wait on The Lord in prayer, and then “The Lord” would lead them to do specific Cry events for specific reasons at specific times. The Cry event in Vancouver was held, Faytene explained at the time, because Vancouver was a gateway to Canada and so multicultural a city that a revival there could impact the world. The timing was key because of the upcoming Olympics in that city..

The Cry events are laudable at one level, dominionist at another, so carrying them on could be useful in some ways, bad in others. But what I am wondering is why “The Lord” wants this to be a full time job and not something unique and special as it was before? Hopefully Faytene will pass this on..

Is Canada what Faytene, following how she feels she was led, hopes it to be? Or in moving on to “the entertainment Industry” is she hoping to address an issue where she could do some good, but know that she will be occupied for the rest of her days?.

First the Liberian poor, then the Canadian “movers and shakers” and now Hollywood folks with enviable jobs. The mission fields seem to be getting more and more fun. Not that I would want to disparage those who have been making tireless efforts to be a good Christian influence on Hollywood, as I repect what they do in their thankless task. It’s just the latter mission field would be a lot easier to recruit various sorts of help for than the former..

Saving a Hollywood star may seem more glamorous and fun than saving a Liberian refugee, even though God loves them both the same..

Here be dragons, as it were. So, let’s hope that if Faytene is hearing from God accurately about what she needs to do, she watches for the pitfalls.