Friday, June 01, 2012

Orthodox again...just can't wait till they're orthodox again ;)

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Sept 3, 2011] I'm a great believer in people having fun with their faith, but now Robert Grasseschi is reportedly being, well, a little different. A few days ago, wife Faytene Grasseschi put this update on her Facebook wall: Faytene Grasseschi My husband is singing in tongues to the tune of "On The Road Again" That should release some grace for the next leg! Going north, then south, then west. I love Canada. I'm glad that Faytene and her friends are having a bit of fun with this. But I do wonder...I do not have the gift, but I am led to understand that when you speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit both controls what you say and how you say it. Unless the Holy Spirit is a big Willie Nelson fan [ ;) ], I wonder how you could leave yourself open to saying what God wants you to, while you yourself direct how it is said. Anyways, I would like to make a note of it as one of those things that may raise your eyebrow or makes you go "hmm". At least he's not typing in tongues on, as US evangelist Juanita Bynum allegedly did in Facebook a couple of weeks ago. People had a lot to say about that. If Robert is not treating the gift appropriately (and I want to be fair and do not want to say that that is the case), we can be grateful that he isn't a fan of early 60s music as I am. ;) Well, may Robert progress in the gift if he really has it.