Friday, June 01, 2012

If war breaks out in the Middle East, Faytene predicted it...sorta kinda

{Posed at Bene Diction Blogs On Aug 16, 2011] On Saturday, The Cry Ottawa takes place on Parliament Hill, and Faytene Grasseschi recently called in to a Christian TV talk show to discuss her plans. We already know much of her plans, but I am also led to understand that there will be a moment of silence to mark the death of Jack Layton and some time to pray for his family, which is a very nice gesture on their part. A couple of things that stand out to me in the video of Faytene's promotional talk about The Cry Ottawa, which Bene D kindly let me know about. When asked about some of the reasons for The Cry Ottawa, at 4:40 of the video, the former Faytene Kryskow says this: "Lot's of time you don't know in advance why, but [later] you can look back and say okay, we understand why, and I really sense in my spirit that come September or October, we're gonna understand why, you know..." Communal prayer is well worth doing for it's own sake, at any time. I do remember, though, Faytene talking at The Cry Vancouver about the results of a previous Cry in Ottawa. Although they had not prayed for the Liberals to slump in the polls, guess what happened after the last Cry on Parliament Hill? I'm a little concerned that Faytene may grab onto something unrelated afterwards that won't be on the radar tomorrow, and then saying "see what we did." I'm also a little concerned that Faytene is predicting war in the Middle East. This fall. Or is not. Or is covering all her bases. She refers to the upcoming UN motion this fall, which she fears will officially declare Israel and Palestine to be Palestinian. She fears, please note. At 5:34 Faytene says this:
"....there is a good chance that we could be in a midst of a war in the Middle East this fall. We don't know for sure, but things seem to be stacking up that way..."
There is a danger of a war, yes, perhaps you could say that in that war. Things seem to be stacking up for a war? That's more of a predictive statement. I hope that she is not wanting to predict the future without overtly predicting the future. As Faytene knows, the Bible says that when prophets fail, you can at least treat what they say with impunity. And we know that Faytene would have difficulty with that...