Friday, June 01, 2012

Faytene sells what was "the ministry house"

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Apr 14, 2011]

Evangelist and activist Faytene Grasseschi (best known by her maiden name Faytene Kryskow) is giving another indication that like Dennis Miller on the old Saturday Night Live, she might be "outta here!" ;)

She has just sold her Ottawa home, which she often referred to in passing as the "ministry house".

And no, I'm not camped out in the bushes outside her house. When Faytene poses for a testimonial, for the helpful realtor who sold the house, on YouTube, we can assume it happened. You'll note that it is tagged "Faytene Kryskow" which would wrong-foot someone looking for the newly married Faytene Grasseschi.

I hope that Faytene and Robert find a nice new home. But I do note that those who like Faytene's political approach might be wondering why, since she has left the house vacant for periods of time, why she had to sell it right now.

Those that hoped for Faytene's help in the election, given that she has been a political activist in Canada for, oh, the past six years, might ask "Could you not tarry one hour?" as it were.

But when Faytene has a "life transition", she'll need to do whatever she needs to do to move on...