Saturday, June 02, 2012

Picking up bad habits, in the church, and in the newsroom

[POsted at Bene Dtion Blogs On, Oct 29, 2011] There was an interesting online column from London's Daily Telegraph newspaper a few days ago, which reports that some newer churches in the London area have learned some of the wrong lessons from the North American church. Or, rather, I believe it should have reported that. One of the newspaper's online editors, Damian Thompson, who evidently does regular writing on religious issues, is dismayed by some of the things he is seeing about "London's new churches", which his headline describes as "dynamic, superstitious and obsessed with money". Three HIV-positive people, he notes have died after going to these churches, receiving prayer, and deciding to stop taking medications. Good spotting on Mr. Thompson's part. I'd agree it's news. But I'd advise him to follow up as I wouldn't agree with Thompson that this