Saturday, June 02, 2012

Faytene forgets to type :) or is on the way to buy ammo? ;)

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Nov 11, 2011] An odd exchange on Faytene Grasseschi's Facebook Wall a few days ago. Her friend, Sean Feucht, who is involved with the upcoming The Cry Hollywood, posts on her Wall, and Faytene replies. I hope she replied tongue in cheek. It reads this way...emphasis mine: Sean Feucht: So bummed I didnt get to properly show you and around my town better. So slammed this week with a quick turnaround and already at the airport headed out. Kate and I love you guys and wanna do more together! I'll be praying into LA for real! November 6 at 3:00am near Harrisburg, PA · Faytene Grasseschi LOVED being in Harrisburg. Next time you will have to take us on the outer-town so we can kill some small animals in the bush or something. So happy you are running with us for TheCRY. Will talk soon!November 6 at 4:58pm She is probably, almost certainly, kidding in some way. But the idea of Faytene taking a gun and hunting something--if she is--is a bit unusual for an evangelist. It's worth making a brief note of, if she is being serious and one day we see a picture of her with a deer she has hunted. [Me, I don't think she is the hunting type.] Anyways, I can also mention that two of her "friends" on Facebook, one more conservative than the other theologically, were having a disagreement on theological matters. Instead of deleting the exchange, as she has done in the past, she asked politely that they not fight on her Facebook Wall. As we ponder the mental image of Faytene perhaps (honestly I kind of doubt it) being the type of person who might enjoy shooting at some squirrels with a 30.06, we can note that Faytene could be developing good Internet matters. For now, I am off to do a Google search for "how to donate body armour suits to squirrels". Just in case, you understand. [Large :)]