Saturday, December 21, 2013

Faytene adds a new hat (Two actually)

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On October 7 2013] Faytene Grasseschi's latest idea may be a "reboot" of an idea she tried up in Canada. During the first weekend in October 2013, she held an event for youth. The Movement 133 (M133) Student summit, was intended to bring students ("from all over America" (with a quick mention of 'North America) to Pasadena, California. Fellow guest speakers included Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs, so I don't anticipate that what was taught would be much different than previously. "Movement 133, she noted on Facebook, is tied to Psalms 133--blessed are the brethren who live together in unity, I assume with "Houses of Prayer" and "Justice movements" across the country. I was reminded of something that took place back in March 2013 at York University in Toronto, Canada. There, several followers of Faytene had an all day event on campus where the student organizers of The CampusCRY, especially on Facebook talked about "taking over their campus for Jesus.' Perhaps Canada doesn't provide enough of a "critical mass" to do more with The CampusCRYs in Canada, unless the hope is to get a bunch of possible organizers to work their way up to next spring.  Then several CampusCRYs will happen at the same time, leading the student press to go "Whaaa?" (I'm a former student press reporter so I am allowed to say that.) :) Don't wheel out The CampusCRY" term now, in case they don't happen, but act pleasantly surprised in case several do? Don't know, but it's a possibility. And then there is V-Kol Media Ministries. No, I don't believe that Faytene and her husband Robert are going all Vulcan/Star Trekky on us. :) They seek to meet their various goals through"hosting events, speaking internationally, developing print, graphic and film resources, networking and through personal mentor-ship." Can't find the cite as I write, but she has mentioned on Facebook that "v-kol" relates to a Biblical term in Hebrew. I've often heard Faytene while preaching say something like, "This is political, so you have to make your donation out to..." so this new initiative likely something for tax purposes. Although, I do need to note that this could be a useful plan B--as Todd Bentley has with his Sound of Fire company--in case there is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the ministry governing body overseeing her ministry work. Don't think she has anything to fear. But, "Be Prepared is the boy scout marching song" according to Tom Lehrer. ;)