Saturday, December 21, 2013

Going "all in" on Todd Bentley's South Africa meetings

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on April 17, 2013] Some people who are rooting for Todd Bentley's meetings in Durban, South Africa may have been watching too much Texas Hold 'Em on TV, as they are pushing their rhetorical poker chips to the center of the table as their wagers on his success. Two quick updates: 1. Wendy Alec's "prophetic word" about all this was redistributed by The Elijah List this morning. Steve Shultz writes: "Read below about a worldwide great awakening. Caution, don't be discouraged if your state or country is not mentioned. All of the listed locations will most assuredly spill into the area where YOU live... AND God is moving throughout the entire earth!". He bolds "I chose whom I choose to choose" among other things. So there! Take *that* naysayers!. 2. Also, this morning, Todd Bentley sent out an e-mail of his own citing prophetic words by Rick Joyner and Bob Jones about all this. For future reference, I will reproduce them in the comments to this post below in case they disappear. If I have anything to comment on, My observations will be there as well. I'm not a poker expert, but I do know what "Okay, I *call*!' refers to. ;)