Saturday, December 21, 2013

This *not* just in

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On October 24, 2013] This morning, federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney delivered what was called a "rich and gracious address" to a meeting of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada>. And how did I know that, you ask? Well, no thanks to the press. as of yet anyways. Nothing on Google News yet. No thanks to Mr. Kenney's website. I just checked. No mention there as of yet. Mr. Kenney has tweeted regarding his remarks though. Earlier, he remarked that he would be making "four speeches at four events". Earlier this morning he tweeted this: Jason Kenney ?@kenneyjason 2h Brought greetings to Evangelical Fellowship of CDA conf. Highlighted great work of groups like @IJMCanada @salvationarmy @worldvisioncan. [Not following Mr. Kenney, I was given a heads up by someone from my own denomination who was or is there and posted a photo of him speaking. They were the ones who ubbed his remarks "gracious"] So Mr. Kenney's remarks were long enough to be called a speech and he praised the social welfare works of Canadian Christians. One good question to ask, given the controversy in Ottawa whether it would be okay for organizations to do charity work overseas while maintaining their conservative views on sexuality, say, would be to ask Mr. Kenney "Well, is this just an attaboy, or will the Tories put government funds where your mouth is?" An answer either way would be interesting. But, I suspect there was no reporter there at Mr. Kenney's speech at ask it. Pity.