Saturday, December 21, 2013

Todd Bentley predicted big “like Finney” revival, which is long overdue to start, in Finland

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On September 21 2013] No, I didn't mistype. I found a video of Todd Bentley predicting a revival in Finland which seems never to have happened. Here is a Facebook page to promote an event, where he spoke in Keuruulla Finland on Sept. 3, 2012.A video went up on Sept. 1, with a note of where he was to appear on the 3rd. To accompany and promote the event, a short video was put on YouTube earlier this month as I write. A tip that the clip is old--I'd say at least five *years* old--is that he makes references to "back in Canada* and--sorry Todd--he has a full head of hair. No doubt this is n a North American church--I'm guessing, and it's to promote his appearance in 2012. Bentley's name was spelled wrong,and the YouTube notes are in Finnish--which I do not know--but Todd talks in English, and that is all we need. You may see the video on YouTube here. In case it disappears, here are the salient quotes, which are up at the start at the video. Bentley says this:
"And the Lord told me 'A great revival is about the break out in Finland. It'll be... (cheers) Listen! The conversions in Finland will be like [Charles Finney. The conversions in Finland will be like Finney....and I saw almost like an atomic explosion of glory come down over Finland and it started spreading into other places, missionaries going out of Finland into, Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia. other countries..."
So he prays for people going to Finland, with attendant things happening. Todd at the end of his prayer: "All right, that was fun." As best I know, the Finns are still waiting for the revival, which would be five years and counting. If only we had known of this before Lakeland, eh? Well, the historical record is amended. How long until Bentley apologizes in public for being flagrantly wrong--in the Lord's name!--with this?