Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lilley pitches underhand, Faytene triples to right

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On April 2 2013] Faytene Grasseschi is starting to promote her pro-life walk from Montreal to Ottawa with an interview with Brian Lilley of Sun News TV. You may see it here. It's a friendly interview [Lilley: "I've known you for a long time..."]. But there were a couple of observations that struck me as I watched. [I myself am strongly pro-life, but I guess it is the "reporter" in me popping up.] 1. I don't think that Lilley's observation that pro-choicers paint all this as an "old white man's issue"--which allows him to point out how many young women are pro-life--is spot on. Point taken, but in all my interactions with people who are pro-choice, this is something I don't think I have ever heard them say 2. As Lilley mentions various pro-life initiatives such as "Roxanne's Law" and M-408, I thought that it has to be clear that pro-lifers are using William Wilberforce's anti-slavery tactics to address abortion--chipping away at it, banning it incrementally. Seems to me like an obvious question to ask, given that pro-lifers on the Hill aren't trying to go for a total ban with every piece of legislation they try to pass. Why not ask it?