Saturday, December 21, 2013

Faytene--You are *not* allowed to quote us without permission, redux

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On January 28 2013] A quick update on Faytene Grasseschi's group's media policies, while I wait for that cover story on her in the new Charisma magazine to hit newsstands. I was checking out her group's stance on Bill C-279 when this notice from My Canada jumped out at me: Notice to Media & Other Organizations: All content on this site that has been created by 4MYC including: videos, 4MYC articles/postings, 4MYC images and all other 4MYC creative material (unless otherwise identified) are the exclusive property of the MY Canada Association and may not be used for the purpose of reprint or rebroadcasting unless officially authorized by 4MYC. -Thank you.(This policy is to protect the integrity of our messaging and avoid improper use of our material.) MY Canada e: Does this apply to the notice as well? Oops! ;) Well, this is to be expected, after she chased after Marci McDonald, trying to buy back what the reporter bought from her book table. Starting in 2010, as I reported in this post, she warned reporters that they might be told to leave events. [Although...I had a quick look at just now and I didn't spot this or a similar notice. Maybe she has her security just refuse everyone they spot? I don't know...] The media quoting her without mercy might be a pain in Faytene's butt, but surely a movement that lives on getting the word out so that people can give and help. can learn to live with it, no? As a former reporter, I find this really offensive. Hope Charisma got their mother-may-I from Faytene first. As reporters, the notice should raise their eyebrows at Charisma too.