Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rick Joyner had "theological concerns" about Todd Bentley

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On August 30 2013] Sneeze and you would miss it. But this sentence clause demands special attention by discerning Christians. As I mentioned in my last post, Todd Bentley, as part of his big attempt to apologize on GOD TV back in January, was explaining how Bob Jones came to pray in public for him back in January 2010. In order to do this, Bentley had to bring other things to his mind which were happening to him about the same time. At 1:00:47 here, during his kiss and make up session with the Alec's earlier this year, Bentley is being asked about Bob Jones praying for him at a Morningstar service in January 2010, during his "restoration" Bentley backs into his answer, contextualizing what was happening, and it is during this that he says something interesting. Bentley, quoting Rick Joyner: ...[He said to me that] in your restoration, I want to be sure to cover some of the theological concerns--and he had what those were, that I want to talk about getting a doctrine of marriage and divorce. and then he said, I want you to recover from burnout.... Were these addressed before Bentley started ministering in some way once a week at Morningstar once a week, according yo what Bentley says, starting in early 2010? Some observations: 1) One assumes that Joyner assumed they were valid "concerns" to raise. Otherwise, why bother Todd with them if they were patently ridiculous or untrue? 2) These concerns have to do with Lakeland, surely. Why didn't Joyner address them in public, before all Christians, when he or others first had these "concerns?" What makes this serious is that pastors--step forward Rick Joyner--have a responsibility to protect their flocks. Did Joyner have an attitude of "Oh as long as there are 'miracles', we can just ignore that part...'? 3. what exactly were the "concerns"? Details please, don't be vague. 4. How were they addresses. Has Bentley signed something recanting the "concerns" Does Joyner have audio or video proof that Todd is now orthodox in these areas? 5. What really unnerves me about all this, is that Bentley went on and on about what should have been done about his marriage. But souls could be at stake here, and this is far more important that Todd's marriage woes and Joyner and Bentley should treat it as such. 6. It's a sad state of affairs when they treat this so nonchalantly. Do they think that if Bentley had stayed married to Shoonah, had picture-perfect kids in front of a white picket fence, that in the minds of most Christians, his possible aberrant theology would not be an issue to most Christians? Substance matters. Appearances don't. How dare we be held in such contempt. Bentley and Joyner may hope this is ignored. They will probably never address this is public is my guess. Just as long as we "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," I suppose.