Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rise of the mini-Faytenes

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs January 14, 2013] What's new with Fraytene Grasseschi these days? Well, those who follow her Canadian political initiative MY Canada (as it is now named) may be interested that the former Faytene Kryskow is forming local chapters of that group in several Canadian cities. Called MY City, you may check out more about these local groups at their page on the MY Canada website here. It's implicitly political as locals may be "volunteering for MPs in your city", among other options. It's a good way to find and enlist people to help with national priorities of My Canada. And I would think that there would probably be a lot more people who wind up volunteering for Tory MPs than for Liberals, New Democrat or Bloc MPs, but that is just an educated guess on my part. Faytene's Facebook Wall No. 2 announced just a few days ago that two branches of MY City have just started.