Saturday, December 21, 2013

Coming soon to a Canadian campus near you--taking over for Jesus?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On March 13 2013] The MYCanada brains trust has another new idea. University and college campuses can have their own versions of those The Cry events that helped put Faytene Grasseschi on the cover of Charisma magazine. The first is planned for York University in Toronto on March 16, and it's a case of bearding the lion in its den. Remember MY City? Back at the turn of the year, word came out that Faytene was encouraging her local friends and followers to form localized branches of My Canada, to work on local issues. From what I understand, they seem to be springing up like wildflowers. Students at York have reasoned, like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, that they could put on their own show. And the First ever CampusCRY will be taking place in a few days as I write, on March 16. The two in the promotional video for the event on YouTube, seem nice enough. But when one of them complains about "idol worship, literally on our campus" and one of the danger signs is that "Students have admitted to experimenting sexually with students of the same sex while attending school.", you realize that there is a really conservative agenda at work. The overt emphasis will be, laudably, praying for God to work on the campus. But as shown in this video, a political agenda will no doubt pop up like a whack-a-mole. [That was the case at The Cry Vancouver and will no doubt be the case at the upcoming Cry event. Faytene (who has in recent years married, and used the married name Grasseschi) also has a promotional video for the York event. Faytene Grasseschi is a mentor, if not more, to the people organizing this event at York. It will be the "first" such event and hoped to be the first of many. One point of interest. The students are using a lecture hall for the event, perhaps to make the numbers look good through packing the room and deterring protests. Why would they want to deter protests? York has a reputation for being a really progressive school, so much so that an event there this week, Israeli Apartheid Week, will attract picketing from conservatives in the area who are dismayed by it. Hopefully the York organizers aren't Machiavellian enough to want their event to raise a giant unpleasant fuss which they could have avoided by holding the event, say, at some place like the University of Toronto outside. Meh, I can hear student journalists saying to themselves. Well, this may be something of interest to the folks at The Excalibur if not Canadian University Press. I would cover it from the other side of the continent for CUP were I still a student journalist, as Faytene Grasseschi says some interesting things in explaining her views. Such as, from her book Marked what she writes (on pages 31-32) .There is something inherent in the nature of God that loves growth and wants to take over! Recently a preacher friend of mine, Banning Liebscher, said something that I wholeheartedly believe in. He said, "The new breed of revivalists that God is raising up has a "take over" mentality. They are convinced that God has called them to take over the world" If we really believe that we are created in His image, this should not be a surprising statement,. Actually, it resonates deeply in my spirit .There is one clincher, however. The clincher is that He has chosen to execute the expansion of His Kingdom through his people. Whether or not His take-over plan advances in fullness depends on our obedient response to the command: multiply! It's not an isolated slip. Search "Faytene" and "dominionism" on this blog to find more.