Saturday, December 21, 2013

The CampusCRY guys on Facebook

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on March 13, 2013] Want to check out the CampusCRY on Facebook? The generic page for the entire movement is here I think that Faytene Grasseschi taped her own promo for the York event some time ago and set up the page at roughly the same time. The event specific site for York is here And the post on the York specific site that Bene D found --well done!--in which organizer Paul Wong reminded me of the Jets and Sharks in West Side story without the music and dancing is here. I`ll quote organizer Paul Wong again in case it disappears... Please Read, I write this message to you under the Spirit of Prophecy, I feel the urgency to remind you guys to recognize the moment that we are in. There is WAR IN THE HEAVENS over York University. Jesus Awareness week is going amazing and we can see the fruit of hardwork, however the Lord is calling us to take more ground in the spirit though intercession, supplications and fasting. I believe that this up and coming CampusCry is a time for us to STRIKE THE GROUND at York University and destroy our enemies. The prophet Elisha told king Jehoahaz to strike the ground in order to destroy Syria, but the King only striked the ground 3 times and Elisha was angry with him because the King did not take the opportunity that God gave him seriously and thus he did not completely destroy the Syria. When the window of opportunity closed to strike the Ground, it closed. (2 Kings 13:18-19) WE MUST STRIKE THE GROUND this CampusCry. As I was praying today I began to cry out loud for the Body of Christ at York because I could feel the lack of revelation and reverence regarding the power of corporate prayer and worship at York University. This lack is to the detriment of York because prayer and worship is what God wants to use to birth Revival at York University. We need to link arms in the spirit leading up to the Cry, on the day of the Cry and even after the cry because God wants to give us – the entire Christian Community – York University. For those of you who are campus ministry leaders, I IMPLORE YOU to the sound the alarm in your groups and gather the people for this day of corporate prayer and fasting (Joel 1:13-14; Joel 2:1). I write this message to you all because you all are Spiritual leaders in your own respect, please don’t take this day that has been set aside as a Solemn Assembly lightly. For some of you it may be inconvenient to rearrange your schedule for a 8hr prayer meeting but I confidently implore you to do so anyways. God will honor these words that I speak to you today, It is time to strike the ground at York University, it is a sacred time to stand in the gap as intercessors for our campus and our generation, and it is time to fast and pray. In our obedience to consecrate March 16th to the Lord, he will come down with power and glory to the generation and on the University. A TWO DAY FAST. A two day water fast has been called by Aisha who is the overseer for this CampusCry. The Lord gave her these instructions out of Exodus 19 where God spoke to Moses and instructed him to tell the people to sanctify themselves and fast for 2 days so that He (God) could come down on the Third day. There is going to be a Holy Visitation on March 16th because God spoke it and we believe it. The water fast will begin on Thursday March 14th and continue to Friday March 15th, March 16th is also a day of fasting however it does not have to be water fast. Let us be united like the Joel 2 army who does not break rank but walks in perfect unity. Glory be to God, who deserves all Glory, Honour and Praise. Paul Wong Like · · Follow Post · Sunday at 5:41am 12 people like this.