Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Faytene "stop press"

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On June 10, 2013] Apologies to my readers, as a grinding schedule at work has kept me busy. But, that said, I have some "stop press" type items to pass on. 1) Faytene Grasseschi's big pro-life march on Ottawa appears to have finished--at least her part of it anyways--on May 13, I am guessing per what I read on her Twitter feed. Quite low key, compared to the beginning of the walk, as I see a lot more references to the plans and the start than what happened. No doubt the pro-life participants got a lot out of the march, from their point of view. May we hear more? 2)On her Twitter feed on May 29, the day that Dr. Henry Morgentaler die, she wrote Emphasis mine: Faytene Grasseschi ?@Faytene Father or abortion in Canada, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, just died. Praying for many to come to know Jesus at his funeral. #comfort #salvation (No doubt my pro-choice Christian readers will find this interesting to parse. ;) ) 3. The mini-Faytene's play to be active at the federal Conservative party convention. A motion on "gendercide"--remember the attempts at private member's motions in the House of Commons--will be presented at the convention for party members to make party policy, possibly. Says the My Canada e-mail from late last wee [emphasis theirs]k: If you are attending the convention and would be open to being a part of a team that would work together strategically on the ground to pass the resolution please let us know ASAP. We would be happy to work with you. At the last Conservative Policy Convention two MY Canada volunteers were instrumental in seeing the passing of the unborn victims of violence resolution and had a tremendous impact. We would love to see that happen again. Lots of Charisma issues with the Faytene cover story are available from MY Canada, by the way. They can send some to you.