Saturday, December 21, 2013

Starring Brad Pitt as Pontius Pilate?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On January 12, 2013] No one can say that Hollywood is a boring place, eh? It seems that Bible-themed films might be a bit of a trend these days. The latest idea is that Brad Pitt is perhaps set to play Pontius Pilate in a movie. That wouldn't seem like the nicest part for a star like Pitt to play, but the linked article suggests that Pilate may be treated sympathetically. Tip of the hat to this reporter, who is quite the wag: "...Pitt hasn't committed to the role and could still wash his hands of the project..." And Nicolas Cage might have another name actor of sorts to join him in that remake of Left Behind. Chad Michael Murray, of One Tree Hill fame. I've read speculation that he would play the "Buck" part while Cage would play the "Rayford Steele" role. This leads me to remember Jack Warner's alleged remark when he heard that Ronald Reagan was running for governor of California. "No, no, Jimmy Stewart for governor; Ronald Reagan for best friend." :)